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Yoni Blend

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Our handcrafted Yoni Blend is made for cleansing of the womb and vagina. Each herb is specifically chosen to assist in overall yoni health and physical well being. Yoni blend aids in reducing and/or eliminating Menstrual Cramps, UTI’s, Yeast Infections, Fibroids, and overall healing of the Reproduction System including Infertility.
~ The Practice of Yoni Steaming is also very sacred. It has been using for centuries for not only health related issues but spiritual ones as well. Yoni Steaming releases past hurt, trauma, and negative energies from the womb

20-40 Tea Cups
15 Tea Baths
10 Infusions
4 Steams

Quantity: 4 Ounces
Includes: Reusable Tea Bag & Instructions