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About Us

Back2Eden is an online health store that specializes in creating and selling handmade custom products and food that is organic, non-GMO, plant-based, clean, vegan, and when it comes to our smoke blends : legal and safe. No THC, No CBD, & No Nicotine!

There are many health food-stores and companies that sell and market to those of us who are vegan/plant-based, yet they still produce and make products with animals or animal derived ingredients on the same equipment as non-animal products and ingredients. This frustrates those of us who are trying to eat as cleanly as possible. We understand that this is an inevitable reality for some factories and companies for a variety of reasons, but for us we really wanted to stress, (not too much though) implement, and acknowledge the importance of exclusivity with a purpose! Us plant-based people and vegans now have a safe place we can call our own - and also, everyone is invited, not just us vegans/plant-eaters!

Back2Eden is tailored for the plant-based and vegan community. You can feel safe knowing you are literally getting the best mother nature can provide at all times without any fillers, cross-contamination, and other crap!