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Experience Our Whole Body Detox

Clean Me Out

"What Are You Putting In These Herbs?!😆"

"Girl I smoked your stress free blend and I haven't been mad all day. I usually am stressed after work so I don't like to be bothered with anybody but today I'm sitting here playing video games with my son lol. What are you putting in these herbs?!😆"



"This yoni blend is awesome. It has quality. It has flavor. Its aromatic as well but it really is just plain GOOD."



"Finally! A company who actually uses real ingredients. Anyways, the product is WOW so I'll be ordering again because I can tell you put your heart into this."


"5 Stars!"

"Easily the best in your niche, I give you 5 Stars!"


"You Can Tell The Difference"

"You can clearly tell the difference between your fluffy organic herbs and other companies dried up tasteless herbs."


We Ship Worldwide!

Back2Eden Is A Lifestyle

The things we use, whether we use them rarely or often, should always be the best of value, quality, and care.

Herbal Blends

Herbal Smokes

Herbal Supplements

Herbal Oils

From Back2Edens Staff:

Please understand that because we only use Organic, non-GMO, and high quality herbs to create your order, that we do not process overnight! We will NEVER ship a quickly thrown together, cheap, easy-to-make product in order to "rush" a clients product. This is a tactic used by many herbalists and online shops to make a quick buck and get you your product faster, but results in a poor product.

We take our time and handmake EACH smoke, blend, and oil in small batches to preserve quality. This process takes time, and so we ask you to please be patient - although we understand your excitement! Please read our shipping policy here.

Any Questions?

Check out our ingredient list by clicking or tapping here. You can also access our FAQ by clicking or tapping here.

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