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Magnetic Money Rolls

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It was important to us to create a blend that’s not only for recreational purposes but for spiritual purposes as well. Our Magnetic Money Rolls are created to attract wealth, abundance, and success into your life.

The Magnetic Money Rolls comes in a money bag and includes short-but-detailed instructions on how to successfully set your intention(s) and set up a way to manifest while smoking the herbs.

The King Size Money roll is packed with a blend of money attracting herbs, surrounded by more money attracting herbs, in a small money-tube.

The Tube contains:

Thyme: Attracts the constant flow of money
Bay Leaf: Brings good fortune and success
All-Spice: Attracts success to a business or luck to a gambler.

The Pre-Rolled Smoke contains:

Chamomile: Increases money and luck
Mint: Draws customers to a business and brings wealth and prosperity.
Mullein: When burned banishes bad influences and bad habits which will aid in your intention to attract money.

*Quantity: 1 King Size Magnetic Money Roll, 1 Organic Bay Leaf, 2 Organic Thyme Stalks, 3 Organic Whole All-Spice Berries, and Instructions.